Sunday, February 1, 2009

last day in San Diego

We actually returned home late Friday night, but I do wish I was still under the San Diego sun. I miss the warmth. Especially when I look out the window as it is currently raining wet snow! I did come home with a bit of a tan on my arms, but who could tell under my shirt, sweater and jacket? *smirk* Oh well...

Art. Same concept as our bears / orcas / eagles.

The last day in San Diego was kind of crazed. We decided to take the ferry across to Coronado Beach. The ferry left at two different points - every 2 hours at the back of the Convention Center and every hour by the cruise ship terminal - both accessible by the trolley. By the time we were ready to go, the ferry from the cruise ship terminal was the earliest departure, so we hopped on to the trolley and made our way over. We realized that as we arrived at the trolley station, we only had 5 minutes before we departed, so we decided to go for a coffee instead. One iced coffee later (it was really hot that day!), we made our way back to the convention center to catch the next ferry. Unfortunately, we could not find the dock! So we then took a walk by the water and went to visit Seaport Village. A few hours of aimlessly wandering around, we finally caught the ferry back at the cruise ship terminal and made the journey across!

Checked out the Santa Fe train station and had a bathroom break!

It was beautiful over there. (That's Rob on the left!)

The famous Hotel del Coronado.

They were setting up for a dinner on the beach while we were there. You can pretty much always bet on good weather here!

On the way back, the ferry made a stop at the US Navy base which is where they filmed Top Gun. The taxi driver on the drive back to the airport also pointed out the Barbeque House where all of the bar scenes from the film was shot.

I slipped this picture in... it was an odd feeling to be wearing short sleeves and flip flops in January. The trees were dead, but yet, it was so warm.

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