Tuesday, June 30, 2009

car free days - commercial drive!

Here is the information for Car Free Days on Commercial Drive ....

Please contact Amy, Community Liaison at openstreets@carfreevancouver.org if you have any questions or for more information.

Summer Spaces is looking for performers, musicians, actors, jugglers, non-profits, clowns, visual artists, dancers, creative souls and community lovers to participate in East Vancouver’s first regular street closure!!!!

That’s right folks, every Sunday for July and August Commercial Drive will be closed to car traffic and open for the community to enjoy! All the way from Venables to 1st Ave.

The excitement starts at Noon and all activity must be clear of the street by 7pm.

Summer Spaces will be much smaller than the Car Free Festival. There will be little pre-programmed activity. Everyone is welcome to come down and enjoy this space responsibly. To make sure everyone is enjoying themselves we have thrown down a few guidelines; so please read, and ENJOY!

  • You are welcome to transform the street into anything you wish! Build a giant board game, start a hockey game, draw on the streets, roll out a living room, create a free store, write, play, sing, dance, perform street theatre, ride a crazy bike, juggle or build a street garden……the possibilities are endless!
  • Performance for donations is permitted.
  • Non-Profits are invited to come down and participate.
  • Preference will be given to local artists and community based organizations.
  • No equipment will be provided.
  • Local merchants will be expanding their shops onto the street, however no 3rd party vendors will be permitted.
  • Please remember this is public space for the whole community.
  • If the activity you plan will be amplified (although non amplified performances are preferred) or will have a large impact please inform Amy our Community Liaison, of your plans prior to the event at openstreets@carfreevancouver.org

Thank you for participating in East Vancouver’s first regular street closure!

If you have any other questions email Amy, our Community Liaison at openstreets@carfreevancouver.org

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