Wednesday, June 3, 2009

somewhere in Longview, WA

We ducked out of town for a few days to just take a moment and breathe... nice... Emails will be answered as quick as I can, but with so much happening lately, we really just needed a few days to rest, refresh and regroup.

Left town early this morning and spent most of the day around Seattle enjoying the eats of Cafe Besalu - thanks to J and her post on Seattle! We tested out the Apple Pastries, but will definitely be back for the Quiche as well as the almond croissants pictured above.

Received a call early afternoon from a friend that said he was somewhere in Washington as well, so we did some hotel booking juggling and ended up staying right across the hall from him. Spent the evening somewhere in Longview, WA looking for a decent place to eat that was not a fast food joint and ended up with a dinner of steak fries and scallops (what was I thinking?).

So.. yeah.. taking it easy.. will pop in here and there. Heading to Mount Saint Helen's tomorrow and hopefully a spin past the local thrift stores before heading down to Portland.

1 comment:

  1. Herb Caen, a noted SF journalist found himself in Longview, WA. and called it the fast food capital of the world.
    Maybe that's what killed him.


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