Tuesday, June 23, 2009

car free days in Vancouver!

I kept hearing this rumour about additional Car Free days scheduled along Main Street during the summer months, but could not for the life of me find more information about it. After almost a week of internet searches and emails, I finally the information I was looking for!

Since most of you are probably in the same boat, I figured I would post the details here.

The Mount Pleasant BIA, as part of the City of Vancouver Summer Spaces initiative, will be sponsoring six Sunday street closure events over the months of July and August. We are creating a series of community based festivals which involve our merchants, residents, youth, local community groups and organizations, as well as visitors.


Sunday July 5th
7th Ave to Broadway

Come see local crafters, artisans and designers as well honey makers, jam experts and canners who will display their wares and demonstrate their skills.

Before there were Cars
Sunday July 12
Broadway to 12th Ave

Come see the various sources of alternative transportation that will be showcased and demonstrated, and maybe even try some of them.

Urban Eating
Sunday July 19th
12th Ave to 16th Ave

Come meet local garden clubs, urban agriculture experts, food charity network organizations, backyard hen proponents, and composting experts.

Sunday August 9th
7th Ave to Broadway

Come meet the local youth groups and organizations that serve our community and join in the music and activities geared towards youth.

Safety and Security
Sunday August 16th
Broadway to 12th Ave

Come meet local safety & security experts who will explain and demonstrate their skills, as well as some local health and wellness practitioners.

Our ‘Hood’
Sunday August 23rd
12th Ave to 16th Ave

Come meet the Mount Pleasant based organizations and groups that serve and assist our community and our residents.

Pre-registration will be required and space will be awarded on a first request/first approval basis. Priority will be given to those who fit specifically within each week’s theme.

To register please email: market1886@hotmail.com

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