Thursday, June 18, 2009

fundraiser for luke the shop cat

(photo credit to Blue Olive Photography)

I am a self proclaimed crazy cat lady and I pretty much know which shops in town have cats. Yup! Not as much as I used to, but I can definitely point out some kitty friendly places while driving around the City. Luke is one of those felines. I met him a few years ago when I visited the super kawaii Occuppied Shoppe just at the corner of Abbott and Water Street in Gastown. He is so cute! He is suppose to be a burly cat that was rescued from the ship yard, but he lives in all things kawaii! Anyways, I bought the cutest little tea set from the shop and as a thank you, I mailed him one of my cat cakes that are filled with cat nip. I had packaged it up and addressed it to him. You can read all about the blog post on the Occupied Shoppe diary.

(photo credit to Occupied Shoppe)

To make a long story short, Luke has been quite sick lately, but he is on the road to recovery. He had stopped eating / drinking and the vet that was she taking him to didn't know what was wrong with him and suggested that he need to be put down - can you believe it!? I'm glad that she went and got a second opinion! The second vet diagnosed him with having gall bladder stones which is quite rare for cats. As many of you know, vet visits and medication is not cheap, so I was asked to make some cat cakes as a fundraiser to help Luke. You can read more about Luke on his blog.

(photo credit to Occupied Shoppe) Luke enjoying a cat cake.

Here they are in neopolitan colours - chocolate, strawberry and vanilla! Filled with organic cat nip.

Buy yours today at Occupied Shoppe at 221 Abbott Street and help Luke!

Hours are:
11:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Saturday
Noon to 6:00 pm Sunday

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  1. Your posting struck a note with me... I too am a unapologetic cat lover.

    My kitty was misdiagnosed too...

    My old vet recommended getting my cat de-clawed, when she actually has a genetic auto-immune disease that was attacking the soft tissue in her toes.

    I highly highly recommend Cat's Only Vets on Burrard. They literally took one peek at her and knew there was serious issue.

    Best of luck to Luke! Feel better you furry guy.


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