Saturday, October 31, 2009

London - Day 11

So, I fell off the blogging wagon for a bit. Somewhere between Cambridge and Belgium, I caught the flu. No, not swine. I checked. Yes, I was THAT sick. Of course, Rob caught it too and we were down for the past 4 / 5 days and still have not had a proper meal. I'm feeling so much better now, but still have a stubborn cough (that is killing me I may add). Being so sick in a country that speaks another language was quite frustrating. Good thing for high school french! Medication in Belgium are listed in 3 different languages plus Braille, but not english! Anyways, will tell you all about it in the Belgium post.

In the meantime, back to Cambridge for day 11! A fourty-five minute train ride outside London, Cambridge is absolutely beautiful and a lot less people!

Can you imagine going to school in these beautiful buildings and surroundings?

Feel like punting? You can either rent your own boat or sit back and take a ride with a guide.

Cambridge town map

Walking towards King's College Cathedral....

Loving the door within the door! (Although the small door looks tiny in relation, it would have fit a regular person, so you can see how large the big door actually is).

Side view of the chapel

Back in town ...

Weekend market ...

I can't remember the details of this church (sorry), but love the shot with the spider web.

Zoom in. Does the fake man on top of the pie shop remind you of anybody?

Trinity College was founded in 1546 and is the largest college in the University.

Today, the College consists of a Master; about 160 fellows, most of whom are teachers; about 320 postgraduate and 650 undergraduates.

It was closed during our visit, but they have the most amazing looking dining hall (pictured on the website). Apparently, the one from Harry Potter was based on this.

After our tour, we walked along the Cam river bank

Tons of boats along the canal - both recreational and homes.

... and what was at the end of the walk?! Our first pub food of course! Unfortunately, they ran out of Sunday roast lunch as we didn't arrive until almost 4pm. So fish & chips and steak & frites for us! nom nom nom ....

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