Monday, March 29, 2010

big island hawaii - day five

(black sand beaches)

We flew out of Honolulu early Thursday morning over to Kona. Which, by the way, has the cutest outdoor airport I have ever been to! We couldn't find much information about a ferry service between the islands. We actually don't even know if they have anything as we have never seen anything advertised, but there must be some way to get vehicles around. So, where we would hop on to a BC Ferry, here, they hop on a short flight to get around. Our trip only took 30 minutes. Enough time to hand us a juice and map.

Once we landed, we rented a car and headed 3 hours up the coast to the village of Volcano. We are literally staying in the Hawaiian jungle right now. No cell service * gasp * ! Thank goodness for wireless internet though. This may be as rural as I have ever experienced. Ha! We are staying on a property with 3 cabins. I'm going to take pictures and post them soon. It's so quiant here. Sleeping last night took a little to get used to. It was so quiet. Just the sound of frogs during the evening and the chirping of birds in the morning.

Cat colony that was at one of the rest stops on the beach. There were actually 10 in total.

We booked a personal guide, Warren from Native Guide Hawaii, to take us to Volcano National Park. Pictures coming tomorrow!

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