Monday, March 22, 2010

honolulu - day two

The last time I was in Honolulu I was 3... maybe 4 years old. The only things I remember are:

1) My mom having a stomach ache, so my grandma took me to buy some chicken for dinner
2) My aunt, who was sharing a room with my mom and I, slept on a cot that collapsed in the middle of the night
3) I visited the Polynesian Cultural Center and they taught us how to weave baskets

So, Robert and I basically started from square one by kicking off day two by taking a road trip and driving around South Oahu, up to East Oahu, over to North Oahu and down back to Waikiki through Central Oahu. The guide said it would take between 3 to 6 hours, but we ended up spending most of the day checking out the beautiful scenary. Hawaii is absolutely stunning!

This may be the beginning of a new tradition .... spending the winter in warm, tropical places!

I wish I snapped a better picture, but we were cruising down the street. Check out the windows on this house! Apparently, this style is pretty popular as it helps with air circulation during the hot months.

Check out the pineapples growing on the side of the road. I believe this is a part of the Dole plantation.

A wild cat "hunting" on the beach.

Doesn't it feel so LOST? Well, that's because Lost is filmed on the Kualoa Ranch. Does anybody know if they are still filming season six?

Thanks to poppytalk for the great ramen suggestion and to Jeanie for the excellent Oahu suggestions!

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