Sunday, March 28, 2010

honolulu - day four

We met up with Angela and Domi from Photobooth Vancouver for breakfast today. They both previously lived in Honolulu and travel back here often. So, it was extra fantastic to know that they were going to be here the same time we were! A & D took us to Mac 24-7 at the Hilton Waikiki Prince Kuhio Hotel for one of their famous pancakes. You may think to yourself... "I didn't know Hawaii was known for their pancakes?" .... well, you have to watch this episode of Man vs. Food.

So, we didn't order the massive pancakes. This was apparently the regular sized version * holy * and I must also tell you about my new love.. coconut pancake syrup - yum! I will surely be stocking up before we head home.

Honolulu has these beautiful trees everywhere that I believe are Baobab trees. Can anybody confirm?

Geeky wedding planner moment. Aren't these arrangements divine? They were inside the Moana Surfrider hotel (pictured above).

My new dress from the Liberty collection at Target. Folks, the Honolulu Target's Liberty items are virtually untouched with many sizes available. Go now!!

I love rainbows!

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