Monday, March 22, 2010

honolulu - day one

We left for Oahu, Hawaii bright and early this morning only to discover that our flight was delayed! Thank goodness for flying WestJet! They gave us $20 in food vouchers to spend during our two hour wait. So nice and unexpected right? Usually, we get a 'sorry', but that's about it. Once, our flight was delayed with United Airlines and we missed our connector which was also the last flight out of Chicago to Florida. After a lot of back and forth, we were finally put up in a hotel for the evening and given a whopping $4 each for breakfast and maybe a little more for dinner. Crazy eh?! That barely even buys you a meal from McDonalds!

Anyways, here are pictures from day one....

Beautiful flora during our walk

Our hotel, Waikiki Marina Resort


Beach walk.. and yes, the water is warm.

The Hilton Hawaiian Village is next door which has a mini Japanese courtyard with ramen noodle cafes and animal exhibits including large pools of koi, flamingos (Hawaii's state bird) and a penguin colony (below).

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  1. mmmmm - hawaii, it's been ions. if it's still there - there's a nice caf (yes cafeteria - MAC 2-GO Restaurant? The hilton right on on Waikiki beach, that serves the most amazing buckwheat noodles - (zaru soba) - then take it (to go) outside to their outside deck/bar - looking over the ocean, or to the beach...a nice lunch.


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