Saturday, April 10, 2010

I came across this image on the Target website advertising their wedding registry the other day. It seems completely un-like what a department store would normally use as part of their advertisements you know? Perhaps 'targeting' (pun not intended) to reach the indie bride market and giving it an environmentally friendly spin with the bicycles. Ask people if they like Walmart and most will answer "no". However, ask them about Target and most people will tell you what a magical place full of goodies it is even though they are both big box stores.

In 2008, Target started their designer series featuring collaborations with Liberty of London, Jean Paul Gaultier and Orla Kiely to name a few. Ads like the one above show that Target has been able to reach the DIY indie community. Trust me, I was in Portland when Orla Kiely's collection was released and it was total insanity. All the crafting blogs were talking about heading to Target or in most cases, multiple stores as everything was flying off the shelves.

At the moment, Target is only available in the US, but according to rumours, they do have future plans to move into Canada as part of their international expansion. Target, or Tar-jay as the cool kids call it, has always been a must stop whenever we go South of the border. Happy shopping!

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