Thursday, April 29, 2010

goodbye Vancouver, hello London

photo credit: nanew*

We hummed and we hawed ...
We went back and forth ...
We weighed out the pros and cons ...
We went through a rollercoaster of emotions ...
We reached a decision ...
and when I say we, I really mean I.

** drum roll ** ** drum roll ** ** drum roll ** ** drum roll ** ** drum roll ** ** drum roll ** ** drum roll ** ** drum roll **

We have decided to move abroad! Hello London! We have an opportunity to live and work unrestricted which we can't seem to pass up. I don't want to live life asking myself "what if", but I am filled with excitement and fear. Technically, we don't know anybody in London nor do we have jobs waiting for us. However, we are two smart cookies and if you have any connections or contacts, we would love to hear from you!

Why London? We love it there.

Where will we live? We've been there enough to know the general areas that we want to stay and we have a letting agent to help us along the process especially since we are bringing Cleo along with us.

What will we do? We had a fantastic time working on the Olympics in Vancouver and help to find an event related position. I hope to be involved in the crafts community overseas and keep on making while I am away.

What will this mean for lotus events?
Not much will change. We plan on continuing our work while we are away. lotus events along with our events such as Got Craft and Indie I Do will take on a more global feel. We have a qualified Assistant that will operate the Vancouver office and oversee all weddings and events plus we will still be available via email and telephone.

When will you leave? We realized that there isn't really a good time to leave. There is always something that we could stay for. The current plan is February 2011.

I'm thinking short term for now, but you never know. This is not goodbye! I'm already planning regular trips back to Vancouver. To those of you that have always wanted to go to London or go back to London, please visit. I mean it. I have a tendency to feel home sick, so we expect our flat to be a whirling door of visitors!


  1. Such exciting news for you two! We'll miss you terribly here, but I'm sure you won't be long between visitors. :)

  2. How cool! :D
    I have a friend who is an event person at The Eye.... if you have any inclination to work there let me know ;)

  3. So great you guys! What a fantastic adventure! I can't wait to follow you (online) as you journey!

  4. What a wonderful opportunity! You are so lucky.

  5. holy smokes!!! congrats you two!! total excitement. you just can't pass it up, it's true. we will visit you when we're in europe!!


  6. whaaaaaaaaaa? why didnt you tell me! congrats!


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