Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my uncle tito

When I was little, I used to be terrified of my uncle Tito. Absolutely terrified for no reason. He was always nice and friendly, but if we were at my Aunt's and my uncle was on his way over, I would want to go home. Once, he took me to see fireworks and ice cream. My aunt had to work, so it was the two of us. Apparently, I watched the fireworks and ate my ice cream, but didn't say a word. So odd right? Fast forward five or so years later and we are best buds! Uncle Tito.. he's so cool. He's Chinese-Peruvian and the owner of Killarney Market which was featured in the last Michael Buble video, Haven't Met You Yet.

One of my first jobs was a cashier at the market. I was still in high school and completing my 100 work hours for graduation. I used to have a little cheat sheet with the codes for the popular veggies and fruit that I would stick next to the register. How on earth are you suppose to remember all of this?

Before Killarney, my uncle owned an IGA by Fraser and West 49th Avenue which is now a Blockbuster. My mom worked in the meat department and we used to go visit all the time. I used to make my rounds around the store, sample some food from the lunch room and if I was lucky, I got to use the price gun.

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