Monday, October 26, 2009

London - Day 10

Everytime I come to London, I get sick. New place. New bugs. So it shouldn't surprise me that I feel like I am coming down with something. Feeling a bit run down today and have a nasty cough. Blech.

London day 10 and day 11 was spent in Cambridge, about an hour by train from London. Thanks to E & M for hosting us this evening. We had a great time including our first pub, scone and Indian food experience! Yes, it was quite a weekend.

At Kings Cross waiting for the train... still can't believe the amount of people in London!

Looking out the train window...

E & M picked us up from the Waterbeach station and we headed to the small town of Ely for lunch and a quick walk through.

The cathedral ...

The downtown market that takes place every weekend ...

While we were in town, our friends had to pick up a few things at the local Tesco.

An american cheeseburger anyone?

For some reason, produce here always has so much packaging. Really? Is it necessary?

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