Friday, October 16, 2009

London - Day 2

So day in London started off with my visa being declined at the tube station and then spending 10+ minutes on hold with Visa. I guess it didn't like being used overseas and since they had to charge each tube pass separately, it also didn't like being charged twice for the same amount.

When we finally got going, we headed over to Bond Street. Above is a picture of us approaching Oxford Circus from the top of a double decker. This is normally how busy it is at anytime of the day. Crazy eh?

The British Museum is one of my favourite attractions and is a must stop everytime I am here. I was so happy to see that one of my favourite exhibits has become a permanent installation.

Cradle to Grave created by Susie Freeman, a textile artist, David Critchley, a video artist, and Dr. Liz Lee, a general practitioner shows two lengths of fabric that illustrate the medical stories of a man and a woman. Each piece contains over 14,000 drugs, the estimated average prescribed to every person in Britain in their lifetime which is then embedded into knitted nylon filament.

After the museum, we decided to make our way to Piccadilly Circus so that we could catch a bus back home. We walked past Liberty and had to make a mandatory stop. Liberty is absolutely gorgeous and has an amazing history that you can read here. The 4th floor houses Liberty's collection of luxurious fabrics and notions. I snapped some quick photos while nobody was looking. Shhhh ... (exterior pictured above)

My biggest pet peeve when traveling is sticking out like a sore thumb. Nothing screams tourist like matching plastic rain ponchos or a honking video camera hanging around your neck. I am proud to say that we have been blending in well as we had two separate people stop and ask us for directional help. Amazingly, I actually knew what they were looking for!

We ended the day with an obligatory picture of Picadilly Circus. We actually went around the area a few times looking for bus #22 back to Putney. We finally found where it stopped, but gave up trying to figure out where to board it!

Jet lag update: I am so proud that I am still awake at 6:41pm and have not had a nap today! I did wake up around 4am this morning and forced myself to close my eyes and ended up falling asleep until 8am.

I think tomorrow may be a market day. I have my eyes on Portobello Market and the Broadway Market.

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