Friday, October 23, 2009

London - Day 7

We first discovered Canary Wharf and Canada Square on our last trip and decided to head back to take a look. Basically, it is one of East London's financial districts - banking, media, business hotels and other corporate firms and contains UK's three tallest bulidings.

Apparently, 100,000 people work here and trust me, you will find the majority of them at the Jubliee Shopping Center located underneath the district during lunch. This place is packed with people in suits. Every one of them carrying a lunch bag and a take away sandwich. We didn't last long, before we had to get out for some air!

Built by a Canadian real estate developer, you can see how it reminds me of downtown Vancouver.

The wharf consists of a series of dry docks and canals. When we were first here in 2004, you could see a bunch of boats that parked in these waters that acted as floating office space.

Yo Sushi is definitely not the best sushi or the cheapest in town, but one of those things that we do when in town. Trust me, we are completely spoiled in Vancouver! It is conveyor belt sushi where each plate is price / colour coded. You pay for what you eat and you can also order hot items off of a menu. The Yo Sushi at Finchley Place has a robot that drove around on a track offering beverages.

Just off of Piccadilly, we stumbled upon a small market outside of the church. The church was open and had a set up selling holiday cards. It was amazing to see a beautiful, old church with an outdoor market. Too bad, most of the stuff was quite touristy and tacky.

Fortnum and Mason - best known for their afternoon tea, biscuits, tea & coffee selection and their jam and jellies. It's like a smaller version (less crowded) version of the Harrod's food halls. Way better window displays as well!

Further down the road was the Royal Academy of Arts. Work by internationally acclaimed artist and 1991 Turner Prize winner Anish Kapoor.

Us playing around with the camera and our reflection.

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