Saturday, October 17, 2009

London - Day 3

I woke up at 3am this morning wide awake. I hate time zone changes. By the time Rob woke up at 8am, I had packed lunch, thrown out the garbage and recycle, watched 2 episodes of Super Nanny and who knows what else! At least, we were up and ready early for Portobello Market. The website suggested being here no later than 11:30am. They also did not provide any directions except for the fact that when you got off at Notting Hill Station, just follow the crowd and they were right.

Loving the scrabble image above from our walk to the market.

The beautiful flats in Notting Hill.

Yes, that was the crowd below that winded it's way down Portobello Road and amazingly, it was actually quieter than when I was last here. Some cool things, but mostly it's just one of those things that you have to do when in London. I did have to pry myself away from a letterpress drawer from one of the vendors.

Street entertainment dotted the path. Bands were good, but poor people that live close by and have to listen to them every weekend bright and early.

.... and then there it was! The Cath Kidston store!

Oh, let me tell you, I was drooling over everything especially the oil cloth fabrics! I even took a photo for you to enjoy (wasn't sure if I was allowed).

The route that we always take down the road starts off with clothing / cafes, then winds it's way through antiques and ends with some fantastic smelling food stalls, an area with produce and fresh baked breads and lastly flowers.

After the market, we had a bummed attempt to make it over to Broadway Market and Shelf over in Bethnal Green. Bummed as in lost because all of the buses were being diverted and we had no idea where to go. It also didn't help that I had to use the bathroom in a location without a Starbucks, hotel, department store or McDonalds in sight! We are thinking of trying attempt #2 tomorrow, but nothing is set in stone.

Somehow, we decided to go to Oxford Circus and let me tell you, Oxford Circus on a Saturday afternoon is a 'no go' even for me. I left Rob over at Urban Outfitters (he entertains himself in the book section) and headed over to Top Shop. It was absolute insanity! Imagine the mall on Boxing Day x 100. The 3 floors of clothing, shoes and accessories was plain insanity and you know what? Top Shop was nothing compared to Primark. I don't remember this shop, just off of Marble Arch, but let me try to explain the pure craziness inside.

A) Line up at the till was from the middle of the store to almost the door leading outside even though there were 3 cash areas with over 10 tills at each station.
B) So many people were trying clothing all over the store and dropping this everywhere, that they use a huge broom to collect all of the merchandise on the floor as it is just too much to bend over and pick up.
C) Need a good pick through, but there are some awesome deals here. For example, 3 pairs of tights for just over 2£, nice panties for 1£, belts for 1£, winter jackets for 20£.

By the time I made it to New Look, I was too exhausted. We headed down Bond Street and picked up some dinner fixins at M&S and then went home.

Tomorrow's schedule? Thinking of doing something touristy, like the London Eye and maybe the V&A Museum. The Jolly Gardener, a local pub, is kitty corner to us (right across from the house next to ours) and they have quite reasonably priced meals. Sunday is 'Roastalicious' which includes bloody mary's, board games and sock monkey making all day!

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  1. I'm so jealous of your wanderings!! We never made it to Portobello. =( Next time for sure!

    We were so disappointed with Top Shop. I had been once before and ended up buying an entirely new wardrobe there...this time, no luck. Crazy busy and all of 'em going through racks and racks of overly bejewelled, sequenced, big shouldered, harem-panted pieces. Sigh.

    Looking forward to hearing about Day 4. Really liked the V&A – they had a Fashion exhibition!!


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